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Broadband in Portugal: all the information you need

Broadband in Portugal
If you've recently moved to Portugal or will just visit for a few days, find everything you need about telecommunications.

If you have recently moved to Portugal or are planning to do it, you can find everything about broadband and the best telecom providers. Also with this article, you can get to know the best mobile providers for Erasmus students.

Which are the biggest Broadband Providers in Portugal?

Telecom providers in Portugal In comparison with other countries in Europe, there are only 4 main broadband providers in Portugal. MEO, NOS, NOWO and Vodafone are the biggest internet, television and mobile services providers.

There are 2 different kinds of broadband providers in Portugal: providers that have dedicated network and the ones that use a network from another provider.

  • Broadband providers with their own dedicated network include: MEO, NOS and Vodafone.
  • Broadband providers that use a network from another Provider include: NOWO

Additionally to the Portuguese Broadband companies mentioned above, there are 3 mobile broadband providers who cater special packages for students and teenagers, however, take note that you must be under 25 years of age to hold a contract with these companies.

If you are over 25 years of age, don’t worry, there are still plenty of Portuguese broadband providers who cater internet and mobile bundles for all ages with a huge range of tariffs available.

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If you’re moving to Portugal, there’s a number of essential details you need to know before you sign up with a provider, and we have listed the most significant details below about the biggest broadband providers in Portugal, such as Vodafone Portugal, NOS or MEO.

MEO: knowing one of the principal broadband providers in Portugal

See more information about MEO in English.

MEO is one of the biggest providers in Portugal and it's easy to know why they have the biggest number of clients: their services are available in fiber, satellite and ADSL.

The MEO's focus is to have fiber coverage in all towns until 2020. Since June 2018, six regions in Portugal already have 100% MEO fiber coverage: Beja, Cartaxo, Seia, Seixal, Sintra (close to Lisbon) and Vieira do Minho.

But all the clients that don't have MEO's fiber in their homes, can subscribe the ADSL and Satelite services of this portuguese broadband company.

You can see of the MEO bundles, elected for our team that compared the best prince and conditiones.

MEO M3 Optical Fiber
Pack Standard
for 6 months
Price: Includes 8€ discount for 6 months
Permanence period: 24 months
Includes: Phone calls from Landline

Price after the 6th moth: 37,99€

However, this is a telecommunications bundle if you're moving to Portugal for a long period of time. You can ask for an MEO bundle with loyalty period, but you will have to pay an activation fee.

If your time in Portugal will short (1 or 2 months for example) and you just want a mobile company, we recomend the reading of our chapter about the mobile companies in Portugal.

NOS: all about this broadband company specialized in entertainment

NOS is a broadband company known in Portugal for their bet on the entertainment industry. Almost every important movie theater (those ones that are in a shopping center) belonging to NOS.

This is important for NOS and for all the consumers that trust in this provider. Analyzing the number of internet access during 2018, we can tell that NOS is the second biggest broadband company in Portugal.

They provide their services in fiber or satellite and offer the best conditions if the client can have 24 months for loyalty period. You can see the NOS bundle elected by our team.

If you want this NOS bundle, that also have a mobile NOS card, you can buy it with our team, clicking More info.

NOS 4 Optical Fiber
200 Mbps
TV: 180 TV channels (UMA TV 4K)
Landline: Included
Offers: SportTV free for 3 months

This bundle includes NOS Studios and a 3€ discount during the 24 months of contract. Permanence períod: 24 months

This NOS bundle include the offer of NOS Studios TV channel. It's one of the companies advantages: the client can have this channel that transmits the most recent movie films and the streaming platform NOS Play, identical to Netflix or HBO Portugal.

It’s likely you know this company for NOS Alive, one of the most popular music festivals in Portugal. You can say that NOS’s brand awareness' strategy provides great value and significant appeal to customers.


Vodafone in Portugal: all the bundles and services

vodafone mobile portugal

Vodafone is synonymous with a strong market presence in nearly every country in Europe, with their initial strategy to acquire more clients every year achieved most notably, by improving their mobile services. Since the 90's, Vodafone mobile services was one of the most recognised mobile and broadband providers in Portugal.

Following significant investment in improving their mobile network, Vodafone Portugal also developed its internet, TV and mobile services and has established a growing Vodafone fiber network too. This means they can offer highly competitive bundles and set them aside from their competitors as a trusted broadband, TV and mobile provider in Portugal.

If you're moving to Portugal for a longer period, we recommend taking out a contract for 24 months, this will give you the largest range of products to compare from Vodafone. One thing worth considering however, be sure that a longer duration contract is right for you, as there are often exit fees if you need to cancel a telecommunications contract early.

See our top pick and contact us if you're interested in this Vodafone bundle. We have also included the Vodafone mobile card for super easy communication for English speakers without hassle.

Vodafone Fibra 4 Plus (Optical Fiber)
500 Mbps
TV: 170 TV Channels (Box 4K)
Landline: Included
Offers: Amazon Prime for 6 months

This bundle includes a 3€ discount during the 24 months of contract. Permanence períod: 24 months

We would only recommend having a Vodafone mobile service without a bundle if you're moving to live in Portugal for a short period of time.

However if you're a traveller and have plans to visit Portugal for no more than 30 days, the Vodafone mobile card is perfectly suited for travellers.

NOWO: the cheapest broadband company in Portugal

NOWO is one of the companies that use the mobile network for another company to sell their own services. That's why the NOWO mobile services have a great quality, and make it possible to offer the consumer 4G coverage throughout Portugal.

However, they have their own dedicated fiber network in Portugal and offer competitively priced bundles, often cheaper than other companies.

NOWO is known in Portugal for being one of the cheapest broadband and mobile providers in Portugal, however, the loyalty period is typically a 24 month contract which allows you to receive some of their cheapest offers.

We have included the NOWO mobile card in the bundle below, which shows you the most competitive bundled offer.

NOWO 4 Services (Optical Fiber)
200 Mbps
first 6 months
TV: Pack channels NOWO (Box Android TV 4K)
Lanldline: Included
Price after promo: 37,50€

Permanence períod: 24 months

If you want to contract this NOWO bundle you can call to our team. We'll do a coverage test in your home, to see if what services you can have.

How much do broadband services cost in Portugal?

How much do I have to pay to have a broadband service in Portugal? You can have a telecom bundle with Internet, TV and Landline from around 20€ per month.

The cheapest Optical Fiber bundle that you can get in Portugal will be with NOWO and is a 100Mb download speed package. It also has almost 100 TV channels (without counting with premium channels that you can include at an additional cost) and free calls for Portuguese and international numbers.

The only disadvantage associated with all Portuguese broadband services is the loyalty period that the companies install on customer contracts. The best conditions are only available if you have a 24 months contract with the internet provider.

NOWO’s mobile phone plans start for as little as 5€ a month, which includes 250 Mb (internet mobile) and 500 minutes to call another Portuguese numbers.

NOWO can only offer a maximum of 3 Gb and 3000 minutes in their mobile plan. However, mobile packages that have more success in Portugal are the ones that offer around 5 Gb.

NOS, MEO or Vodafone mobile plans can give that volume of communications.

But if you're interested in a telecommunications bundle with all the services included, you'll get the most competitive price. It'll be around 45-55€ per month.

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Which are the best Mobile Providers if I'm doing Erasmus in Portugal?

mobile providers erasmus students

This chapter is dedicated to all new students that are beginning their adventure in our country because they're about to start an Erasmus in Portugal.

Typically, all the Erasmus students in Portugal are under 25 years and we can recommend the best mobile providers that sell the catered services for students or Interns (when we're talking about free calls and mobile internet).

These are the best mobile providers for Erasmus students in Portugal:

  1. WTF: it's a mobile provider that belongs to NOS.
  2. Moche: t belongs to MEO company.
  3. Yorn: it's another one that belongs to Vodafone Portugal group.

In comparison with all the others broadband providers in Portugal, these 3 companies provide mobile internet and free calls like no other one.

For 5€ per week, all the Erasmus students or young people (up to 25 years) can have 10 Gb and 10.000 minutes to call between numbers registered in WTF, Moche or Yorn (it will depend on the mobile plan that you want).

The great advantage is the almost unlimited mobile internet that the consumers have to navigate in social or video apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many others.

It's rare that the clientes of the Portuguese mobile providers offer such a generous volume of mobile internet (the maximum is 10 Gb).

None of these companies hold you to a contract: Which means that you'll have no problem if you stop using the mobile card from WTF, Moche or Yorn or want to switch to a different mobile plan or provider.

What I need to have broadband in Portugal as a foreigner?

  • Documents needed to contract telecommunication services in Portugal:
  • Passport
  • NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) - it's the Personal Tax Number in Portugal
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) - only if you want to make automatic monthly payments

Also, to have broadband bundles in Portugal, you might have to register your residence.

Don't forget that you must register your residence in Portugal in your local town hall (called Câmara Municipal) with all the mandatory documents.

You'll need your Registration Number, to confirm that you live in Portugal, and Portuguese bank account depending on what provider you're dealing with.

With these documents, we're sure that you will not have problems signing up with a Portuguese broadband provider.

Can I easily switch my broadband provider in Portugal?

Well, the biggest problem related to broadband in Portugal is switching telecommunications bundles or services whilst within the ‘’loyalty’’ or contract period. THis is due to all companies offering the best conditions to customers that choose the maximum loyalty period, which is typically 24 months.

The maximum time that a client can be with a contract it's 24 months (2 years). With this loyalty period, you'll have the best conditions, but sure to carefully consider if this is the right contract length before you choose an internet bundle in Portugal.

You have other options: 12 months, 6 months or 0 months (no contract). However, you'll have to pay an activation fee that goes from 150€ to 350€. If you need to cancel a mobile provider in Portugal, call us for free and we'll like to help you.

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So, what's the best broadband in Portugal?

Choosing the best broadband in Portugal can be daunting due to the huge range of products and providers available. Be sure to consider your needs carefully as all companies provide good customer service, so you'll have any problem to sign up with MEO, NOS, NOWO or Vodafone.

The same applies to mobile broadband companies for young people - WTF, Moche or Yorn - that have more channels for customer services which is an advantage.

If you're looking for a broadband bundle with the lower price, but with a quality service, we recommend NOWO. The internet speed is regular (it can be up to 250 Mb) and also come with up to 140 TV channels.

Most customers will pay only 35€ for 4 services, with a portuguese mobile SIM card that has 1 Gb data and 1000 minutes to use every month.

You can find all of our suggested packages available on our website, clicking in Operadoras option. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to call us.

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